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Meet the artist

Artist Tracey Polglaze drawing a Hawksbill turtle on a marine chart

Growing up in the mountains of New Zealand with a father who was a forest ranger, studying topographic maps and planning journeys was an integral part of her childhood. Tracey developed a keen interest in native flora and fauna, which continues to influence her art practice today.


From her earliest memories, she's had an obsession with drawing people and wildlife. She's attracted to multimedia abstract realism, focussing on design principles and colour harmony.


As a young adult Tracey developed a love of the ocean. This lead to many offshore sailing adventures, and so began the love of plotting journeys and studying marine charts.


A significant portion of her art practise involves commissioned drawings on charts and maps. These artworks honour our precious connection to places and memories of adventures, as well as the subjects depicted in the artworks.


Art is her soul work, and will always be her greatest passion.

Tracey Polglaze Artist

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